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How to Recover a Disabled Facebook Account

Disabling a Facebook account is as simple as it is to create a Facebook account but disabling an account could be very problematic for the users as they would not be able to use their Facebook account and also the features that come with it. 

This article is particularly based on the ways to enable a Facebook account and hence you need to go through the article carefully and then execute the steps given carefully too. Well, there are two ways by which your account has got disabled. 

  1. If Facebook is disabled by the users themselves 

  • You first need to visit the Facebook sign-in page to get your disabled Facebook account back. 

  • After this you need to enter your email address as well as your password of the Facebook account that has been disabled or in other words deactivated; you have to ensure that the details entered by you are accurate without any mistakes. 

  • In the last step, you just need to click on the Login button and you will be able to activate your Facebook account and use it again. 

  1. Facebook can disable Your account due to some reasons 

  • If Facebook has deactivated your account as they might have noticed some actions from your account which is against the rules of Facebook. 

  • You need to visit the help center for the same and then look for the option of “My personal Facebook account is disabled” and then click on it and further follow the instructions given on the screen.

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