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How to improve the Internet Speed? Slow internet Fix.....

Across the nation, people are telecommuting while kids of all ages are accessing the internet to learn and keep in touch with friends. If you find your internet speed has slowed, try these tips to get it moving again.

Before you get started, it’s helpful to know what is your internet speed ?. Run the internet speed test on one device, ideally with all other devices switched off, and repeat the test a few times to get a more accurate picture of your overall speed.

 Steps to fix slow internet speed:

  1. Check your modem/router-Your connection speed depends a lot on how your modem/router is running
    •  Adjust your router position
    •  Reboot your router
    •  Check for firmware updates
  2. Bandwidth needs and usage-Calculate the bandwidth used by all the connected devices in your home. Power off or disconnect devices that you aren't using. This can                                                       free up more speed for the ones you are using.
  3. Optimize your WiFi setup-   Slow internet  can sometimes be a weak WiFi signal. Wireless speeds tend to be less than wired speeds on the same network, due to                                                             interference and signal loss over distance. 
  4. Check your device settings-  To get the best performance, make sure devices, apps and software are up to date, free of malware, and not being overloaded. Check for                                                       the browser update and do clear cache on a regular basis.                                          
  5. Check your Internet Cables- Checking both indoor and outdoor wiring can help determine if there's a connection problem that needs attention, either with your home                                                     equipment or with the internet cable.

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